January 13, 2021

Why My Water Is Not Hot

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There are few circumstances that are more stressful than walking into your shower expecting hot water and instead finding it ice cold. We're exploring a couple of reasons why your water heater doesn't really generate hot water in this blog post. 


Checking the thermostat is the first thing you should always do when you note that your device is not generating hot water. This may seem simple or too convenient, but when rummaging around the garage, closet or wherever your water heater is located, it's easy for individuals to unintentionally mess with the controls.


When did you flush out your hot water heater for the last time? If it's been over a year, then this could be the reason why you don't have any hot water at home. In the Los Angeles area, most homes have hard water that flows through their homes. The mineral content in the water is referred to as hard water, and these minerals fall to the bottom of your water heater tank and can result in corrosion, premature breakdowns, and a lack of hot water. Most homeowners should be able to flush out their water heaters on their own, but do not hesitate to contact our Punctual Plumbing Pros experts if you need any assistance!

Supply of Power 

There is something that provides power to your machine, whether you have a gas or an electric water heater, which is what regulates whether the water is heated or not. For a water heater operated by gas, check the pilot light to see if it's out. If it's out, this means that there's nothing in your tank that heats the water. Check the circuit breaker if you have an electric unit to make sure that the circuit breaker of the water heater has not tripped. If it's activated, then your water heater doesn't have any power.

If you still can't figure out why your water is not hot after reading this, then contact a specialist. We will help diagnose your water heater problems at Punctual Plumbing Pros and find a solution for you on the same day!

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