January 12, 2021

Tips to Avoid Holiday Plumbing Issues

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There's nothing like hosting family and friends for the holidays, but often their presence will impose demands that it can not fulfill on your plumbing system. 

With those tips, stop the annoyance of slow-moving drains and clogged kitchen sinks.

Get your drains washed 

Spare the inconvenience of a slow-moving drain on your visitors. While the ankle-deep water in your shower might be tolerated, your visitors might not. Due to build-up in the pipes or some form of foreign obstruction, blockages occur. Do not, we repeat, not use a chemical drain cleaner to fix the problem. Your pipes can be eroded by chemical drain cleaners, creating more problems down the road. To get your pipes running again, skilled plumbers have the resources to safely and efficiently extract clogs.

Keep working with your garbage disposal 

During the holidays, you can prepare your waste disposal for combat duty by keeping eggshells, celery, and pasta from it. By filling it with ice cubes, coarse salt, and certain lemon wedges, Better Homes and Gardens suggests cleaning the disposal. At the same time, turn the cold water tap and your disposal machine on. Run both until the ice melts and fills the air with the scent of lemons.

Bathroom Problems Prevent 

During the holidays, the only way to stop clogged toilets allows you to call your guests to help. For the disposal of liquid and solid waste, toilets will do a great job, but nothing else. Consider putting a sign in your bathroom to allow visitors to use the waste basket for stuff like.... 

  • Q-tips 
  • Balls of cotton 
  • Feminine care products
  • Floss 

We can clear up any issue that arises, but by keeping these items out of drains, your guests can help prevent an emergency during the holidays. Put a quarter cup of dish soap and a gallon of hot water into the bowl to help transfer a clog. 
We hope that over the holidays you will not experience any plumbing issues, but if you do, call Punctual Plumbing Pros at (762) 320-5531.

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