January 13, 2021

Tips How To Flush A Water Heater

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You might think that it is time to replace your device if your water heater seems to be losing some of its effectiveness. There's a much less costly way to recover some of its utility, though. With time, within the unit, those minerals start to develop. By performing a simple flushing procedure, you can be able to remove problems and prolong the life of your water heater.

How To Flush Your Furnace With Water 

  • Gas/Electricity Switch Off - Turn off your circuit breaker if you have an electric device. Disconnect your power supply, then. Place the dial in the "pilot" position if you have a gas unit. 
  • Stop the Water - You can close the cold water valve that is connected to your water heater. 
  • Run Hot Water in Your House - Find a nearby faucet from which you can run hot water to avoid the creation of a vacuum in the lines. Keep the water running when you empty your boiler. It will help drain anything faster.
  • Attach a Hose - When connecting a hose to the drain valve, use protective gloves. Run this hose to a drain or a bucket. 
  • Drain the Tank - You should open the drain valve at this stage so that the water continues running before it stops. You should use caution during this stage. The water may be extremely hot if your heating unit has not cooled properly. 
  • Flush the Tank - Open the valve for cold water so that it is possible to flush out sediment. Opening and closing this valve several times can be helpful. 
  • Close the Drain Valve - You can disconnect the hose after the water stops flowing. Tighten the drain valve as well and close it.
  • Fill the Tank - Open the valve with cold water. Turn on all of your faucets inside your home so that air bubbles are not an issue. You should turn all of the water faucets off after the water returns to normal flow. 
  • Switch on the Water Heater - Make sure the water fills your heater tank. Switch your electric or gas connections on, then. Be sure to follow the directions for lighting found in your manual.

You should be able to flush your water heater on your own, but there are occasions when you need a skilled plumber. However, feel free to call Punctual Plumbing Pros if you have questions or complaints about your machine.

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