January 13, 2021

Stop DIY Disasters like These

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Halloween may be just around the corner, but with a bungled DIY job, you do not have to turn your home into a house of horrors. While a beginner can perform some plumbing repairs, there are several tasks that require skilled expertise. 

If you are ill-equipped to take on a daunting plumbing project, here's what could happen. 


Keep your water on during a plumbing repair if you want to see just how bad things can get. Without knowing to turn off the main water line first, many homeowners have attempted to repair a part of their pipes. No matter how large or small your repairs are, before you try any work, the first thing to do is shut off the water.

As a general rule, even if you don't plan on making any repairs yourself, it's nice to know where the main shut-off valve is anyway. That way, you can cut the water if you have an emergency, say, a burst pipe. 

You have taken it aside, but can't bring it back together 

Remembering how to bring things back together is one of the most common issues with DIY repair work. There will always be times when you forget about which connector goes where. Take pictures of everything you do when disconnecting fittings to make sure you don't end up with a plumbing mystery. It'll be a helpful guide.

The Fittings You Over-Tightened 

Over-tightening of plumbing fittings is another common problem. It is actually possible to make a seal too tight when you want a tight seal. If the fittings are over-tightened, you'll strip the threads. As a result, the fittings should usually be tightened first by hand, then tightened gently with a wrench.

You Violated The Plumbing Code

You could end up doing more harm than good if you don't know the residential plumbing code in your state. Among many other things that are vital to the efficiency of your plumbing system and your hygiene, codes control venting, ventilation, water pressure, and fittings. It could jeopardize the selling of your home if your plumbing does not comply with regulations.

You could endanger your health 

All occupational risks that only professional plumbers are prepared to handle are exposure to gas, sewage, electricity, lead, mercury and asbestos, and mold. To stay safe on the job, they have gone through extensive training and certification programs. 

Simply Hire a Pro 

We understand the urge to save cash, but in the long run, a failed DIY job would cost you more. Hiring a pro would guarantee that the problem is solved for the first time. Plus, to get the right fittings and instruments, you have spared yourself the trouble of making repeated runs to the hardware store.

Only trust us. We replied to several calls where we not only had to repair the original plumbing problem, but all the errors made by the homeowner along the way were fixed—we're talking about smashed toilets, broken faucets, explosive leaks, and twisted pipe mazes. In the end, these repairs cost the consumers even more. It can be $600 or more for what would be a $200 bill. 

It's just not worth it in the end. 
Call Punctual Plumbing Pros at (762) 320-5531 for the first time and address it correctly. We are available 24/7 for emergency services and are trained, approved, bonded and insured by all of our technicians.

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