January 12, 2021

How to get your home prepared for El Niño

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For its sunny, warm weather, Southern California is renowned. Every now and then, however, our area deviates from paradise with unusual variations in temperature and torrential downfalls. All, thanks to El Niño. 

What is El Niño? 

El Niño is a known weather phenomenon that causes weather patterns around the world to alter abnormally. It occurs when, near the equator, warm waters coalesce. This hot water band does not normally circulate and stays together as it passes across the ocean. It triggers an abundance of rain.

How will your home be protected? 

To deal with the increased rain, it is necessary to make sure your home is fitted. Start by getting your gutters tested. This is an easy move that, when it begins pouring, will save you a lot of headaches. Water will not drain away from your house if your gutters are clogged or not running properly. It is more likely that water will end up inside your house when this occurs and cause harm.

You may also look into a water capture system to safely store rain. This keeps the water from sitting or filtering into your home near your base. Then, for irrigation, the saved water can be used later, which will help keep your lawn green during a drought. The best thing about a device for water storage is that it is useful all the time.
Your plans might not be enough in certain instances. National Geographic predicts that the El Niño will be the worst yet this year. If your house is hit by the heavy rains, you can still take heart. We are offering water damage repair services at Punctual Plumbing Pros. This year, El Niño can strike hard. You will hit back harder with these hints from Punctual Plumbing Pros. Call (762) 320-5531 to make an appointment.

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