January 12, 2021

Easy Tips to Conserve Water

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H2O has been the most significant commodity on the earth for millions of years. Not only is it bad for the atmosphere to use so much water, but it can drain your bank account as well. Here are five water-saving tips that are reliable. 

1. Shorter Showers Take 

A lot of water and energy can be lost by long showers. Make it a priority to shower for just five minutes or less in order to reduce your monthly water bill. You're going to save more than 20 gallons a day of water. Also, consider switching to a showerhead that is water efficient. Try taking a bath instead if you want to soak for longer periods.

2. Don't let the water run unnecessarily, 

Switch off the faucet while brushing your teeth and washing dishes if you need running water. Hundreds of gallons of water a year would be saved by this simple measure alone. 

3. Leaks Patch 

Leaks can secretly trigger a rise in your water bill. To be on the safe side, hiring a professional plumber to test the pipes of your home is a smart idea. Just as troublesome are leaky toilets and faucets.

4. Using Covers for Field 

Many homeowners insist on preserving the greenest lawn in the neighborhood throughout the summertime. Unfortunately, during dry periods, this also necessitates intense watering. Replace your grass with drought-resistant ground cover if you are looking for a water-saving option. 

Creeping thyme, moss, bugleweed, and small brass buttons are some of the best field covers. You won't need to use a sprinkler system any longer. In addition, each week, you can stop the hassle of mowing your yard. 

5. Intelligent Laundering 

When using the washing machine, ensure that your loads are maximized. Pre-treatment of heavy stains is also advisable, which will minimize the amount of water required to clean your clothing. 
When you know where to curb excessive use of this most precious natural resource, saving water is easy. Call Punctual Plumbing Pros at (762) 320-5531 for all of your plumbing needs.

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